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What Is Meant By Oral Surgery?

Oral and maxillofacial surgery is most commonly referred to as oral surgery. Oral surgery is a specialized field of dentistry that diagnoses and treats diseases and irregularities of the face, jaw, and related areas. It also treats damage caused by trauma or disease in these areas. Surgery that corrects misalignment or irregularities is called orthognathic surgery. Oral surgical procedures are performed only in the mouth. If you’re having jaw surgery or facial surgery, those are in the category of maxillofacial surgery. If you’ve been referred to our office by your dentist or if you’ve been searching for “dental surgery near me,” then call our office and let us help you. We’re among the best in the area for dental surgery, and we use the latest techniques and medications in order to ensure the best outcome for your procedure.

What Services Are Provided by an Oral Surgeon?

Although we provide many types of services to our patients who need oral surgery in Voorhees, the following are the most frequently performed:

Tooth extractions

If your tooth has significant decay, has been injured severely or has an advanced infection, then we may not be able to save your tooth. Usually, in this type of situation, your dentist will recommend an extraction and refer you to our office. Other reasons for having an extraction include having a tooth that’s not erupting properly, having teeth that are too crowded, or needing teeth removed due to an upcoming orthodontic treatment. The cost of a tooth extraction will depend on the location of the tooth, the amount of work needed, and the condition of the tooth. If you have specific questions about having a tooth extraction, call our office and we’ll be happy to answer them.

Oral cancer diagnosis

An annual screening for oral cancer should be on everyone’s schedule, so if you need an oral cancer examination and diagnosis, call us today. Although tobacco is most commonly associated with the condition, there are many other factors that can influence the onset of cancer. If you have difficulty moving your jaw or chewing and swallowing, your jaw is swollen, you’re experiencing otic pain, or you have lumps or thick areas in your mouth or jaw, call our office without delay. Time is of the essence when obtaining a cancer diagnosis, and the sooner cancer is caught, the better the prognosis for a cure. Your oral surgeon will discuss your treatment options during your consultation.

Oral pathology

The mouth is involved in quite a variety of functions, so it can develop quite a variety of issues, some dental and some medical. Oral and maxillofacial pathology involves the diagnosis and treatment of these issues, and our office specializes in conditions that involve multiple issues or an unusual condition. Call our office if you’ve been looking for “dental surgery near me” and let us help you.


IV sedation is very popular, but even though it’s commonly called sleep dentistry, you’re not usually asleep during the procedure unless you opt for general anesthesia. IV sedation will make you very relaxed but you’ll be awake for your procedure. If you have questions specific to your situation, call our Voorhees office and let us help you.

Sinus lift

Those who have lost teeth, especially upper teeth in the back, may not have enough dental height for implants to be installed, but a sinus lift can resolve the issue. This procedure adds bone to the area between the jaw and the sinuses so that implants can be installed. Usually, this procedure is performed by a medical professional who’s a specialist in maxillofacial surgeries.

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, is a relatively new procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to expedite their healing. It reduces bleeding and facilitates tissue repair, and we use this procedure for most of our oral surgeries. Call us if you have questions or need to schedule a consultation.

Do I Need a Referral in Order to Schedule Consultation With Your Office in Voorhees?

Although many of our patients are referred to our office by their general dentist, we also have patients who have found us by searching for dental surgeons in the Voorhees area. We use state of the art procedures and medications in order to provide the best quality of care possible for our patients. We do our utmost to ensure your comfort during your surgery, from the time you walk into our office until your aftercare regimen at home. If you need jaw surgery or any type of oral maxillofacial surgery, call our Voorhees. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you.

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