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Do stained and yellow teeth affect your self-esteem? It’s surprisingly easy to have a brighter smile you won’t have to hide with your hand. With our teeth whitening treatments, you can smile as often as you like, which is bound to be more often than before. Give your self-esteem a boost with a whitening treatment at our office.

Why Is it Better to Visit a Dentist for Teeth Whitening?

Having your teeth whitened by a dentist has several distinct advantages. You will see better results than you would with over-the-counter teeth whitening toothpastes and whitening strips in far less time. Our dentist can adjust the bleaching agent to help you achieve a shade of whiteness that will look natural with your skin tone. A dentist will ensure consistent results as well, since OTC products can produce inconsistent results if you don’t follow the directions exactly.

In-office teeth whitening works well on tobacco, food and beverage stains. Call for a consultation with our teeth whitening dentist, who will examine your teeth for intrinsic stains and restorations. In-office whitening will not affect intrinsic stains from an injury, medications or too much fluoride. The bleaching agent will not affect restorations either. During your consultation, our dentist will suggest solutions to help you achieve the smile you desire, such as veneers to cover teeth that will not whiten. Call us today to arrange a consultation with our dentist. You will learn if you are a good candidate for a whitening treatment.

How Easy Is Teeth Whitening at Home?

If you visit our office for a dentist-dispensed teeth whitening kit, it is easy to use. Our dentist has a custom whitening tray made for you from an impression of your teeth. The pre-measured powerful bleaching agent will fit perfectly in the tray, which will protect your gums and keep saliva from getting into the bleaching agent and diluting it. Our dentist will provide instructions for use, typically an hour a day for two weeks. Call us today to learn more about Opalescence at-home solution that is a fast, simple way to whiten your teeth in the privacy of your home.

Where Can I Find Affordable Teeth Whitening?

We do our best to keep our teeth whitening fees affordable so our patients can have the smile they deserve. Your teeth bleaching cost will depend on how stained your teeth are and how many treatments you will need to achieve the degree of whiteness that you desire. Your cost also depends on whether you prefer an in-office treatment or you want to whiten your teeth at home with a dentist-dispensed teeth whitening kit. If our dentist needs to match the color of your teeth to restorations, this will also affect your cost. Call us to arrange a consultation with our teeth bleaching dentist. He or she can tell you your expected cost after an examination.

How Do OTC Teeth Whitening Products Compare to Chairside Whitening?

Drugstore whitening kits are never as effective as an in-office teeth whitening treatment because they contain a much weaker bleaching solution. If used improperly, these strips and gels can irritate your gums. Also, OTC products can take weeks or months to work. If you are looking for noticeable results quickly, contact our office and ask for a consultation with our teeth bleaching dentist.

What Are the Steps in a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

While there are several smile brightening treatments available, the steps are nearly identical. You can expect:

  1. To have a dental exam and teeth cleaning treatment before the treatment. The peroxide in the bleaching agent cannot penetrate plaque and tartar.
  2. Our dentist will photograph your teeth for a point of reference or he or she will note the color using a shade guide.
  3. Your dentist will place a cheek retractor in your mouth to expose the teeth visible when you grin. The cheek retractor also helps you keep your mouth open while the bleaching agent is on your teeth.
  4. Our dentist will put a protective gel on to shield your gums from the powerful bleaching agent.
  5. Several coatings of bleaching gel may be applied, left on for 15 or 20 minutes, and then removed. The extent of the staining will determine how many applications you will need.
  6. Some teeth whitening systems use a light to activate the bleaching agent or to enhance the results. If our dentist uses one of these systems, you’ll be given special glasses to wear to protect your eyes.
  7. After the final application, our dentist will assess the color change. You may need an at-home treatment, depending on the degree of whiteness you desire.
  8. You’ll learn how to maintain your results, which can last for several years if you follow our dentist’s recommendations and have regular professional teeth cleanings.

For a major, immediate change in your appearance, contact our office to learn more about teeth whitening in Voorhees.

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