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Those who have crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth can see a drastic improvement in their appearance when they get braces. Braces help to realign teeth and provide facial balance. They can also help with jawbone realignment and facilitate easier teeth cleaning. Your teeth aren’t just adornments, they provide several important functions. They serve to provide structural stability to your jaw and they’re vital to proper mastication, which is the first step in your digestive process.

Our orthodontic office is one of the best in the area and we provide various orthodontic services in addition to braces, such as dental bonding, whitening, and veneers. When you visit our office in Voorhees, your dentist will discuss your objectives and goals and will work with you to achieve those goals. No matter your age, whether you’re young or old, it’s never too late to get even, straight, healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. We can help you obtain the smile you want.

How Do You Get Braces in Voorhees?

If you’ve made the decision to get braces, that’s the first and most important step. It’s essential that you select a braces dentist that you trust and that you can work with. This is an important and long-term process, so you want a dentist who will be with you throughout the treatment. You and your dentist will discuss your objectives and goals as well as any other orthodontic services that you want and the two of you will come up with a treatment plan that will work for you. We know that orthodontic work is expensive but we also know that it’s necessary, so we offer flexible financing plans that will enable you to obtain the treatments you need at a price that you can afford. Call us today at (856) 322-0537 to schedule a free consultation with one of our orthodontic dentists and let’s get started on your treatment.

How Does the Dentist Install Braces?

The first step in this orthodontic procedure is to clean and dry your teeth so that the bonding adhesive will stick. The brackets that will hold the braces are then attached and the archwires are installed into the brackets; the archwires are secured with plastic bands. The dental adhesive may not taste good to you, but it won’t harm you. Whether you opt for metal or ceramic appliances, the procedure is the same.

Are There Many Different Types of Braces?

Those who opt for braces have several types from which to select. Metal braces are the most commonly installed. They’re the most cost effective but they’re also the most visible on the teeth. Ceramic braces are constructed similarly to the metal ones. However, the wires and brackets are clear or white so they’re considerably less noticeable than the metal ones. Invisible braces are also available. They’re the most expensive and the least visible and require the most work. They need to be removed before eating and drinking. Call us at (856) 322-0537 in Voorhees if you have more questions about the options available to you.

How Much Will I Pay for Braces?

The price of these orthodontic appliances is unique to the individual and is governed by several factors. Things that will influence your final cost include the area in which you live, the amount of additional dental work you need, the length of your braces treatment, the type of appliance you select, and any insurance benefits you have. When you come to our office for your initial consultation, we’ll address all these factors and then provide you with an accurate cost for your procedure. We’ll ensure that you have the answer to your question, “How much do braces cost?” Call us today in Voorhees to schedule your appointment.

Does It Take a Long Time to Get Braces?

The entire installation procedure will require about two hours. Your mouth may be sore afterward but the pain should be manageable with over the counter analgesics. If it isn’t manageable with over the counter medication or if it persists for more than a week, then call us at (856) 322-0537 and we’ll help you.

What If I Don’t Wear My Retainer Afterward?

It’s essential that you wear your retainer as your dentist directs so that your teeth don’t revert to their former alignment. You only need to wear the retainer at night, you don’t need to wear it during the day but you do need to wear it.

We receive high marks from our patients because of our quality dental care and customer service. We look forward to providing you with the orthodontic treatment that you need. Call us today at Voorhees and let’s get started on your beautiful smile.

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