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Missing or damaged teeth can make it harder to chew, cause lower self-esteem, and even hinder speech. Made with durable materials, dental implants in Springfield are a long-term solution for people with missing teeth. If you’re interested in restoring your smile with a dental implants procedure, read on to learn more.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are an often-recommended treatment for missing teeth. They perform just like regular teeth, allowing you to speak clearly and enjoy your favorite foods. Dental implants consist of a tapered titanium post that replaces the tooth’s root, a connecting abutment, and a natural-looking crown. Endosteal dental implants are placed directly into the patient’s jawbone, while subperiosteal dental implants are placed under the gum but above the jaw. Subperiosteal dental implants are used when the patient has suffered from bone loss. After the implants are inserted during dental implant surgery, they bond with the jawbone as the patient’s mouth heals.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Each dental implants procedure is customized to the patient’s specific needs. Because of this, the dental implants cost varies from person to person. Your dental implants cost will include the surgery itself and any required follow-up appointments. When you meet with your implant dentist, you’ll receive your specific treatment plan, as well as further information about our affordable dental implants. Convenient payment plans are available to help patients manage the cost of dental implants.

Does My Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

Some providers have started to offer dental implants insurance coverage due to the popularity and success rate of the procedure. However, not all plans offer enough dental implant insurance coverage for the surgery and follow-up appointments. At our practice, we are dedicated to providing patients of all budgets with affordable dental implants. Our flexible financing plans can help you afford the treatment you need while being mindful of your budget. When you visit our office for your consultation, be sure to ask about our financing solutions. We work to ease the cost of dental implants with insurance or without, so you can obtain a full smile.

Dental Implants Procedure Steps

Dental implant surgery is a safe and effective procedure that has a high patient success rate. Understanding the process of dental implants surgery can help you feel relaxed. First, the dentist will prepare you for surgery. Then, the dental implants will be inserted into your jawbone, bonding to the site as your mouth heals. Abutments are used to connect the dental implants to natural-looking crowns, which mimic the appearance of regular teeth. Any dental implant procedure pain is managed using local anesthesia and over-the-counter pain relievers. Most patients report mild pain with the surgery. If you experience severe pain following the procedure, consult with your dentist.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants in Springfield are an excellent choice for patients who wish to avoid the hassle of dentures. These devices offer a variety of advantages, including:

  • Enjoy any foods without worrying about your teeth
  • Precise speech
  • Protection against additional bone loss
  • A confident, natural-looking smile
  • No sagging in the face due to lost teeth
  • Being able to brush and floss teeth normally

Restore your smile and confidence. You, too, can enjoy all of these dental implants benefits. Call today to get started with a dental implant treatment.

How to Care for Dental Implants

Once healed, dental implants perform just like regular teeth; this makes dental implant care after surgery a breeze. Caring for dental implants means simply using mouthwash, brushing, and flossing your teeth as you would normally. Post-surgery, pain and swelling can be managed with drugstore pain relievers.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

If gum disease, tooth decay, or even injury has caused you to lose teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants in Springfield. Our experienced implant dentists can assess your situation and recommend the best course of treatment if you are a dental implant candidate. Get in touch with our office today to find out if a dental implants procedure is right for you.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

You’ll be happy to know the answer to a frequently asked question: How long does a dental implant last? With regular screenings at our office and good oral hygiene at home, dental implants can last for a lifetime. How long dental implants last depends on you continuing a healthy oral hygiene routine. Our dentists work closely with patients to ensure that they can enjoy their dental implants for years to come. Don’t let missing teeth stop you from doing the things you love. Call us now to schedule a dental implants consultation.

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