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If you’re embarrassed by your smile because your teeth are crooked, misaligned or they’re very crowded, then getting braces might solve your alignment issues. Your teeth are an important part of your facial structure and your digestive system, and it is important to keep them in good condition and good alignment, which can positively impact your overall health.

In addition to dental braces, we provide other orthodontic procedures such as bonding, whitening, and veneers. When you explain your objectives, limitations, and goals to your braces dentist, you’ll be provided with a treatment regimen that will give you the smile you want at a price you can afford.

Whether you’re a young person or an adult, getting your teeth to their best can have a positive impact on your overall health and your mental outlook. A great smile can be a significant boost to your self-esteem because if you’re embarrassed by your teeth, you won’t smile much which can have a negative impact on your overall health. Let us help you maintain that positive impact and provide you with straight, even teeth that look as good as possible.

Can I Get Braces Where I Live?

If you live in the Springfield area, then call our dental office at (610) 572-4627 to schedule an orthodontic consultation. During your appointment, your dentist will discuss your goals and objectives as well as any financial constraints and together you’ll formulate a treatment regimen that will provide you with the braces and any other orthodontic treatments that you need. Orthodontic appliances require a commitment because the treatment will take a minimum of six months to complete, but at the end of your treatment, you’ll have the smile you’ve always wanted.

We realize that orthodontic work can be expensive, particularly if you’re opting for additional procedures such as veneers or whitening, so we offer several flexible financing options to help you remain within your budgetary constraints. Call us in Springfield to learn more and to set up your first consultation.

What’s the Procedure for Installing Braces?

The installation procedure will take about two hours total. Initially, your teeth will be cleaned and dried. After that, bonding adhesive will be applied and when that has set, the brackets will be attached. The brackets hold the braces, so it’s important that they are properly installed. The archwires are secured with flexible bands to the brackets. If you have more questions, call us at (610) 572-4627 and we’ll be happy to answer them.

What Are My Choices for Getting Braces?

Those who need braces have a much wider selection than they once did. Metal braces are still the most popular and the most cost effective, but they’re also the most obvious. Those who are concerned about aesthetics might want ceramic braces. They’re similar in construction to the metal ones but the wires and brackets are clear or white so they’re less apparent. Invisible braces are another option. They use clear trays to realign the teeth and the trays must be removed before eating and drinking. These are the least obvious and the most expensive. You and your dentist can decide which option will work best for you during your visit to our office in Springfield.

Can I Afford to Get Braces?

The cost of orthodontic work can be expensive and it is unique to the individual. Factors that will influence your final cost include the area in which you live, the type of appliance you select, any additional work that needs to be done, the length of the treatment, and any insurance coverage that you have. During your initial visit, all these things will be factored into your cost estimate so you’ll know exactly what the fee will be. We want our patients to be able to afford the treatment that they need. As such, we offer flexible payment arrangements so that you can afford the treatment but stay within a budget. Call us at (610) 572-4627 in Springfield for more answers to the question, “How much do braces cost?”

How Long Does the Installation Procedure Take?

The entire installation procedure will take about two hours to complete. Most patients have some tenderness in their mouth for about a week but it can be alleviated with OTC pain medication. If you find that your discomfort doesn’t abate with over the counter medication or if it lasts for more than a week, call us at (610) 572-4627 and we’ll help you.

Will I Have to Wear a Retainer Afterwards?

Retainers are a necessary step in this process in order to ensure that your teeth don’t revert to their former alignment. It will take about an hour to remove your braces and then you’ll be fitted with a retainer, which you’ll need to wear overnight while you sleep. You won’t need to wear it during the day and many patients need to wear a retainer for a year or more.

If you need braces in Springfield, call us to schedule your initial consultation.

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