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Does Oral Surgery Take a Long Time?

The length of time for your oral surgical procedure will depend on the type and location of procedure you’re having. Oral surgery is used to describe all types of surgeries to the mouth and face, but this is a misnomer. Oral surgery is only performed in the mouth, maxillofacial surgery is jaw surgery, while surgery to correct irregularities or misalignment is called orthognathic surgery, and surgery to the face is called facial surgery. If your dentist has recommended oral and maxillofacial surgery and you’ve been looking for “dental surgery near me,” then you’ve found the right place. We strive to be the best for dental surgery in the Roxborough area, so call our office today.

Which Oral Surgical Services Does Your Office Provide?

We provide almost any oral surgical procedure that is necessary, but the following are the most common procedures that we perform on a regular basis. If you need any of these services, or any oral surgery in Roxborough, call our office today and let us help you.

Tooth extractions

Teeth might need extraction for several reasons. Decay, infection, and damage, whether due to trauma or structural deterioration, can all necessitate the removal of a tooth. Moreover, extractions may be needed if a tooth isn’t erupting properly, if one or more teeth are adversely affecting the alignment of the others, or for placement of dental devices where a tooth needs to be removed first. All of these reasons and more can necessitate the removal of a tooth. The cost of a tooth extraction will vary depending on the location of the tooth, the condition of the tooth, and the procedure that’s being performed. If you need a tooth extraction in Roxborough, give us a call.

Oral cancer diagnosis

The prospect of having oral cancer can be debilitating, but don’t let fear keep you from seeking a diagnosis and treatment if you think you may have mouth cancer. Although smoking is commonly thought to be the major cause of mouth cancer, other factors such as vaping or HPV can cause oral cancer. If you have lumps or tissues that have thickened within your mouth, or if you have trouble with chewing, swallowing, moving your tongue or jaw, ear pain or swelling, call our Roxborough office today and schedule a consultation. Your oral surgeon will provide you with a diagnosis and a treatment regimen if you do indeed have oral cancer. Early detection is the best route to a cure, so don’t delay in making an appointment.

Oral pathology

The mouth plays a role in several functions and as such, can develop both dental and medical issues. The field of oral and maxillofacial pathology is concerned with diagnosing and treating these issues, whether they are standalone issues or they combine with several other issues. Our oral surgeon specializes in complex and complicated cases, so call us today.


IV sedation is often called sleep sedation but you’re not actually asleep. During IV sedation, you’ll be very relaxed but you won’t be asleep unless you’ve opted for general anesthesia. This is the sedation of choice for our office because we feel that it provides the best experience for both the patient and the surgeon. Call our office if you want to make an appointment or if you have additional questions.

Sinus lift

If you have teeth missing on your upper jaw, particularly in the back, you may not have enough bone height to accommodate dental implants. A sinus lift can solve that problem and provide the bone height that you need. Your surgeon, who is usually a medical professional who specializes in periodontics, will add bone to the area between the jaw and the sinuses so that you can get implants. Call us if you have questions or want to schedule a consultation.

Platelet-rich plasma

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, uses the patient’s own blood to facilitate healing and expedite tissue repair. When used during dental procedures, it also minimizes bleeding. Call us if you have questions about this innovative procedure.

Do I Have to Call for a Consultation or Can I Schedule Online?

If you want to make an appointment with our office, we prefer that you call us at (267) 367-5013. We feel that speaking to our patients in person provides a much better experience than making an appointment online. If you’ve been searching for “dental surgery near me,” then call us today. We do our best to provide our patients with exceptional service from the time they schedule an appointment until their aftercare follow up regimen at home. Whether you need oral maxillofacial surgery, jaw surgery or any other type of surgery for dental issues, we can help you. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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