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You might get a referral from your dentist to an endodontist if you need complex treatment for tooth pain. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of the inner tooth, endodontists are a type of dentist. As a matter of fact, the title comes from the Greek terms “endo” and “odont.” Respectively, these terms mean “inside” and “tooth.” Reach out to our Dental Solutions of Roxborough for your treatment.

How Do Dentists and Endodontists Differ?

Although dentists can conduct root canals, they don’t have the level of expertise that endodontists have. They develop these skills during the extra two or more years of training that they complete after dental school. During this additional education, they learn endodontic therapies and procedures to detect and treat pulp diseases.

On average, a root canal expert in Roxborough has experience performing many root canals in a week. The reason for this is because of the dedication of endodontists to solving facial and oral pain from inner tooth issues.

With their extra training and skills, endodontists utilize special techniques to ensure that you’re comfortable during treatment. They’re skilled at administering numbing medications with success even if you have trouble staying numb. When the treatment is complete and you’re healed, you’re left with total relief.

Furthermore, endodontists are able to use cutting-edge equipment if it’s available, and if not, they have experience presenting an accurate diagnosis and prescribing treatment. With three-dimensional imaging and radiographs, for example, they can see the inner parts of your teeth. This allows them to pinpoint infections and other causes of pain.

Call our endodontist in Roxborough to learn more about how we provide thorough endodontic care.

What Are Endodontic Treatments?

Whether you suffer from tooth decay or traumatic injury, it’s important to get treatment for pulp damage. The reason is because this soft tissue contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues. An endodontist uses various procedures to deliver the care that you need.

The majority of the time, they do root canals to rescue damaged teeth. The procedure consists of cleaning out the infected pulp, after which the endodontist will disinfect and shape the canals. To protect the teeth from more damage, they fill the empty space with a sealant. However, re-treatment is needed for persistent discomfort and slow healing.

If nonsurgical root canals can’t rescue teeth, endodontists use surgery or other procedures. Surgical procedures can find hidden canals or small fractures. They can also treat the damaged surfaces of roots and the bone surrounding the tooth. Ask for more information about the procedures that we use for endodontics in Roxborough.

Endodontic Appointments: What Happens?

We welcome you to our office no matter how you found out about us. If you’re visiting us with a referral from your dentist, we’ll ask for copies of any current dental X-rays. If you found us some other way and don’t have current X-rays, then we’ll likely obtain some during your visit.

Our root canal specialist in Roxborough will review your X-rays and look at the affected area to identify what’s causing your pain. Then, you’ll learn about your treatment options and get answers to any of your questions.

The severity of your condition and your choices will determine the procedure that we perform. Whether it will be the same day or later will also depend on these factors. For scheduled treatment, we may prescribe medicine to ease your symptoms in the meantime.

What we do for your procedure depends on the treatment that you need. However, we strive to be the best endodontist in Roxborough. Therefore, we’ll have you visit again to confirm that you’re healing as intended.

Call Dental Solutions of Roxborough for an Endodontic Consultation

If one of your teeth is bothering you, you shouldn’t hesitate to get treatment. Postponing dental care will only increase the likelihood that you’ll lose your tooth. If that happens, then you’ll have to spend money on an extraction and either a dental bridge or implant to fill the gap. By allowing our endodontist in Roxborough to rescue your tooth, you can retain your confidence to smile, chew food and speak clearly.

Get treatment when you experience swelling or tooth pain. Contact us at (267) 367-5013 as soon as you can to schedule an appointment.

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