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Having whiter teeth offers many benefits, which is why teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic dental treatment worldwide. Everyone wants to look as attractive as possible and dull, yellow teeth can mar an otherwise perfectly put together face. You may feel people are staring at your teeth when you speak and smile, which can lead you to do less of both. Additionally, when you know you have the best possible smile, your self-confidence soars.

Why Is Better to Have a Teeth Bleaching Dentist Whiten My Teeth?

In-office teeth whitening occurs in a carefully monitored setting, with experienced dental professionals ensuring your safety and comfort. You’ll have a customized treatment plan designed to meet your specific needs. If a certain tooth needs extra attention, our dentist can address the issue. Professional whitening is particularly effective on the outer enamel of teeth stained yellow or brown from tobacco and long-term consumption of foods or beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine. The same foods and beverages that stain your clothing will stain your teeth.

Some types of tooth discoloration won’t respond to the bleaching agent used in teeth whitening procedures including tetracycline stains and discoloration from decay or an injury. These underlying stains usually make teeth appear dark or gray. Before your teeth whitening treatment, our dentist will examine your teeth and determine the type of staining present so he or she can help you understand what type of results to expect. Call us today to schedule your consultation. Our dentist will do his or her best to ensure you are happy with your smile after your treatment.

Is There Home Bleaching Treatment Available?

If you would prefer a teeth whitening at home treatment, we can accommodate you. Our dentist will take an impression of your mouth and then make a custom whitening tray from that impression. It fits like a mouth guard, ensuring protection for your gums. You place the powerful, pre-measured bleaching solution in the tray and wear for an hour a day or as directed. In several weeks, you will have substantially whiter teeth.

What Does a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost?

Teeth whitening costs vary. Factors that affect your teeth bleaching cost include the whitening system used, the number of treatments you will need, and whether our dentist has to match the shade of crowns or veneers in your mouth. Take-home kits from our dentist are generally less expensive than an in-office treatment. If you call for an appointment, our dentist will examine your teeth and let you know how much your teeth whitening, either in-office or at home, will cost.

Do OTC Teeth Whitening Products Work?

Some over-the-counter teeth whitening mouthwashes, toothpastes and gels work better than others, but none can match the bleaching power of an in-office whitening treatment. Only dental professionals can use powerful whitening agents; the bleaching agent in OTC products is weak so unless a person misuses it, the product cannot do too much damage. In-office whitening is also much faster. OTC products take about a month to show even minor results. Using OTC products is the least expensive way to whiten your teeth, but you get what you pay for. If you’re serious about whitening your teeth, call our office to schedule a consultation with our teeth bleaching dentist.

How Long Does a Teeth Whitening Treatment Take?

Your teeth whitening procedure should take about 60 to 90 minutes depending on the extent of the staining. The typical steps in the procedure include:

  1. A teeth whitening treatment begins with an exam and dental teeth cleaning. Our dentist will look for issues that could cause irritation during the treatment, including decay or gum disease. The cleaning removes plaque and tartar for optimal results.
  2. We take a photo of your teeth for a before and after comparison. Our dentist may use a shade chart; however, you can take your own photo if you like.
  3. Our dentist will use a cheek retractor to make your teeth more accessible. The cheek retractor also helps you keep your mouth open for an extended period.
  4. We use a gingival barrier, which is a gum protection gel, so the bleaching agent won’t irritate your gums.
  5. We apply a whitening agent to your teeth, leave it in for a set period of time, then remove it. This step is repeated several times during your teeth whitening session. You may have a light focusing on your teeth depending on the whitening system.
  6. Our dentist will see if your teeth have reached the level of whiteness desired. You’ll learn how to maintain your teeth and what to avoid to keep them white for as long as possible.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

Dental Solutions of Roxborough now offers Philips Zoom® Teeth Whitening, the number one patient-requested professional whitening brand. Available only from licensed dentists, The Zoom® range of products effectively treats various levels of staining.

Are you tired of hiding your stained, yellowed teeth when you smile, contact us for teeth whitening in Roxborough. We cannot wait to see you smile more often.

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