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Many people think they have no choice but to live with a dull, discolored, stained, or damaged smile. Thanks to dental cosmetics, you can have your smile corrected, and greatly enhance its appearance. See how cosmetic dental treatments can fix your aesthetic dental flaws and make your smile better than ever by getting started with our cosmetic dentists today.

How Does Cosmetic Dentistry Differ from Regular Dentistry?

This is a common question which has a relatively simple answer. Regular dentistry deals with dental conditions affecting the function or health of your teeth. You visit a regular dentist to help prevent, detect, treat, and resolve problems affecting your dental health or function. Yet with cosmetic dentistry, you visit a specialized cosmetic dentist to fix an aesthetic dental flaw or enhance your smile’s overall appearance. The huge demand for dental cosmetics has advanced to the point that the results are now stronger and appear more natural. The latest techniques also ensure that less dental damage to natural structures is required to correct and improve your teeth.

How Many Cosmetic Dentistry Services Are There?

Today, there is a vast amount of cosmetic dentistry surgeries and procedures available for every dental improvement desire. Whether you want to have chipped teeth repaired, cracks in your teeth filled, damaged teeth covered with crowns, tooth-colored fillings placed instead of metal, have dental gaps closed, get stubborn stains whitened away, or have your smile completely transformed, our cosmetic dentists have the expertise to perform the cosmetic treatments that will enhance the look of your smile. We make all of these cosmetic procedures available to you at our cosmetic dental practice:

Are Cosmetic Services Eligible for Any Dental Insurance Coverage?

Most patients seek cosmetic treatments with purely aesthetic intentions, so these procedures are elective rather than mandatory for dental function and health. Elective procedures are rarely covered by dental insurance providers, unless they also provide some sort of functional or health-related benefit. This coverage exception varies by particular insurance plan. Some patients are pleasantly surprised to find that dental cosmetic insurance plans are available from some providers. Contact your provider to learn about your cosmetic insurance benefits, or call our dental practice to schedule an appointment so we can explain your options.

Where Can I Find a Nearby Cosmetic Dental Office I Can Trust?

Now that you understand how much cosmetic dentistry procedures can enhance the look of your smile, you probably have a few questions like, “Is there any practice that offers cosmetic dentistry near me?” Fortunately, you can locate exceptional and experienced cosmetic dentistry in Roxborough at our cosmetic dental practice. Come in for a consultation with one of our highly-skilled dentists for a complete smile evaluation to determine which cosmetic services would be ideal for you. We make your preferences our top priority and are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the treatment or recovery time. Call our dental office today to arrange for a consultation with a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist.

What Do Cosmetic Treatments Usually Cost?

Your cosmetic dentistry cost can’t be determined until you have a consultation at our cosmetic dental office with one of our dentists who will explain your treatment options and determine which procedures will meet your aesthetic needs. Once you select the treatments you want, we will provide you with an estimate of your overall costs.

Since most dental insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic services, our practice provides various options for affordable cosmetic dentistry. We regularly work with our patients to help make the treatments they desire fit comfortably within their budget. Contact our practice today so we can discuss how we can help you make a better smile a reality.

Your smile expresses your attractiveness, happiness, and confidence, so shouldn’t it be the very best it can be? Call our office right away and discover how dental cosmetics can make you proud to show off your smile.

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