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Your dentist could refer you to an endodontist if you need a root canal or complex treatment for a toothache. Endodontists are a type of dentist who specializes in treating the inner parts of teeth. Call our Dental Solutions of Media for if you think you might be in need of a root canal treatment.

How Are Dentists and Endodontists Different?

Although dentists aren’t all endodontists, all endodontists are dentists. The difference is that endodontists specialize in treating tooth pulp or the inner soft tissue of teeth with endodontic procedures. Along with completing four years of dental school, they have to finish at least two years of advanced training. This in-depth training prepares them to diagnose and treat difficult cases of pulp-related diseases and perform other procedures, such as dental implants.
With a commitment to endodontics, a root canal expert in Media will complete a variety of procedures for our patients. If you would like to speak to our specialist, please contact our office today. Endodontists use their special skills to pinpoint and treat the causes of oral pain that are difficult to diagnose.

As such, endodontists use special techniques to keep you comfortable during treatment. Their expertise allows them to administer numbing medications that work even if your mouth is hard to numb. After your mouth heals, you’ll feel total relief.

Along with their advanced training and skill set, endodontists can use specialized technologies to address tooth pain. Radiographs and three-dimensional imaging, for example, allow them to see pulp in root canals. Then, they’ll be able to determine the cause of the problem.

Contact an endodontist in Media for more information about our thorough endodontic care.

Endodontic Procedures: What Are They?

When you have a serious cavity or traumatic injury to a tooth, the soft tissue inside is at risk. This pulp consists of connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels that are essential to tooth health and growth. An endodontist performs various procedures depending on your needs.

Root canals are the main treatment that they do. These include cleaning the infected pulp from the canals and then disinfecting and shaping the canals. Afterward, the empty space is filled with a sealant. If pain persists or the teeth have trouble healing, re-treatment might be necessary.

When nonsurgical root canals aren’t enough to save teeth, endodontists use surgical procedures. Surgery can locate hidden canals and small fractures. It can also be used to treat surrounding tooth bone and damaged root surfaces. Call us to learn more about the procedures used for endodontics in Media.

What Happens During an Endodontic Visit?

Whether you heard about us online, from a friend, or as a referral from your general dentist, we welcome you to our practice. We could request copies of your current X-rays from your dentist if you have any. If you don’t, some new X-rays may be necessary.

When you see our root canal specialist in Media for the first time, we’ll need some information about your symptoms, medical history and current medications. Then, we’ll use your X-rays or other diagnostic test results to determine the cause of your oral or tooth pain. Prior to treating you, we’ll talk about your options and take the time to answer your questions.

The procedure that you choose will be performed the same day or arranged for another day based on how severe your situation is. If you end up waiting, then we may prescribe some medicine to decrease symptoms such as inflammation.

We’ll schedule follow-ups to make sure that the site heals properly. This is part of our goal to be the best endodontist in Media.

Contact Dental Solutions of Media to Schedule an Endodontic Consultation

Having discomfort in or around a tooth is a sign that you should seek treatment. Postponing a visit to the dentist could mean that you lose that tooth. If your tooth is too damaged, our endodontist in Media will have to pull it out and put a bridge or implant in its place. When we can save it, though, you don’t need the extra dental work. You retain your natural smile and the ability to chew food and talk with confidence too.

Make an appointment with our practice as soon as you have a toothache or swelling in your gums. Call (610) 679-6109 to speak our friendly staff.

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