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The secret to a good-looking, healthy smile isn’t a big secret. It’s the simple combination of healthy dental habits at home and regular trips to a general dentist. These factors will ensure that your smile stays its best for many years.

What Distinguishes a General Dentist from Other Dental Providers?

These dental care professionals provide preventative and restorative dental treatments to patients young and old. Instead of specializing in only one dental field like other dental providers, these dentists offer numerous general dental procedures to protect patients’ dental health.

Why Do You Need a General Dentist?

Many patients ask the question, “Why do I need to go to a general dentist near me?” Because these dental experts are highly-skilled in the art of dental maintenance, and they provide the treatment you need for good dental health. Essentially, these dentists are necessity for a healthy, attractive smile.

What Kinds of Services Will You Find at a General Family Dentistry Practice?

There is a variety of general dentistry services available to patients of all ages at our dental practice. These services focus on the prevention and treatment of tooth decay, gum disease, and dental damage. Some of the most common procedures performed include dental cleanings, cavity treatments, and restorative procedures for all kinds of dental damage. All of the treatments provided are intended to benefit your dental health. At our general practice, our dentists perform all of the following services.

Are Frequent Visits to a Dentist Required?

How often you visit a dentist general practice comes down to a few factors such as your current dental health, your age, and any dental problems you may be experiencing. The majority of dentists say that you only need to schedule twice yearly visits to the dentist for cleanings and exams.

Does Dental Care Cost a Lot?

Not necessarily because the cost of your dental visit is determined by your specific dental insurance plan and the dental procedures that you need. Feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns about the cost of your dental visit.

What’s Involved in Arranging a Dentist Appointment?

Call our dental office and ask for an appointment. Tell us the most convenient times for treatment so we can accommodate your schedule.

Will You Need to Spend a Long Time at the Dentist?

Most dental visits are completed in under an hour. The length of time for your appointment will depend on the extent of care you need. Simple follow-up visits are usually over in 20 minutes while more involved dental procedures can take a number of hours. Please call us before your appointment if time will be an issue for you.

How Should You Get Ready to Visit the Dentist?

There’s barely any advanced preparation needed before seeing a dentist. At our general dental office, all we ask is that you arrive before your scheduled appointment time, be aware of your medical conditions, and have your insurance information on hand. If you’re apprehensive about dental visits, simply let us know so we can help improve your dental experience.

Does Everyone Need to Visit a Dentist?

Yes. In fact, avoiding dental visits only increases your risk for tooth decay, dental disease, and painful complications that will require costly care to resolve in the future. You can save your smile and your money by seeing a dentist regularly. Call our general practice today to maintain a healthy smile.

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