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Your toothache might require a complex root canal that your regular dentist can’t perform. In such a case, the dentist may send you to an endodontist. This specialist specifically diagnoses and treats the soft inner pulp of teeth. Contact our Dental Solutions of Grant Ave. to schedule your root canal appointment.

Dentists vs Endodontists: How Do They Differ?

Just because dentists can perform root canals doesn’t mean that they’re endodontists. Instead, endodontists have that title because they specialize in treating tooth pulp with endodontic therapies. After a four-year stint at dental school, they must complete two years or more of in-depth training to practice endodontics. This preparation helps them develop the skills necessary to identify pulp diseases and treat tough cases.

A root canal expert in Northeast Philadelphia, like endodontists, dedicates his or her time to inner tooth problems. These problems can be painful and require fast treatment. The pain is always worse before the procedure, not during or after.

Our endodontist in Northeast Philadelphia will use different technologies and techniques to diagnose your issue and make sure you are getting the most effective treatment for your issue.

What Are Endodontic Procedures?

It’s vital for you to seek treatment right away when you have a traumatic injury or serious cavity that damages the pulp. The main reason is because there are many nerves, connective tissues and blood vessels in the soft tissue. An endodontist has several means to address the problem.

The most common treatments that endodontists do are root canals. They involve removing damaged pulp before the canals are cleaned, disinfected and shaped. Then, the remaining space is sealed to prevent more damage. In some cases, re-treatment is needed to decrease discomfort and improve healing.

Normal root canals aren’t always sufficient to salvage teeth, though. When that happens, endodontists must perform surgery. These procedures are useful for finding concealed canals or tiny fractures. In addition, these specialists can use them for treating damage to root surfaces and removing calcium buildup. As a microsurgery, for example, apicoectomies allow endodontists to treat deep, stubborn inflammation. Arrange a consultation for more details about the services we use for endodontics in Northeast Philadelphia.

What Happens During Endodontic Appointments?

New patients are welcome at our practice whether they found us via an online search, word of mouth or a referral from another dentist. When your general dentist sends us a referral, we’ll obtain the current X-rays. Otherwise, we’ll get new X-rays during your appointment.

The first time that you visit our office, we’ll have you fill out some forms. We need you to tell us about your symptoms, current medications and medical history. Then, we’ll assess the problem area and review your X-rays or other test results. Before your treatment, our root canal specialist in Northeast Philadelphia will explain your options and provide answers to your questions.

The treatment that you choose will be performed on the same day or scheduled for another time depending on your problem and its severity. For a scheduled procedure, we might provide a prescription that reduces your symptoms until then.

Although what occurs during your procedure depends on your condition, our objective is to be the best endodontist in Northeast Philadelphia. As such, we’ll schedule follow-up visits to check that the site heals the way that it should.

Arrange an Endodontic Consultation at Dental Solutions of Grant Ave.

When you have a problem with one of your teeth, you shouldn’t wait to seek treatment. Waiting will only increase your risk of losing that tooth. If the tooth can’t be saved, our endodontist in Northeast Philadelphia will have to remove it and make you either an implant or bridge, which will increase your treatment cost. By seeing us soon enough to save your tooth, you’ll maintain your natural ability to chew food, smile and speak clearly with confidence.

Take action to get help when you have tooth pain or swollen gums. Reach out to us at (267) 367-5015 for an urgent appointment.

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