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Teeth are important for several reasons. For instance, chewing is the first step of your digestive process and without good teeth, you can’t chew properly. Teeth are also important to the structural integrity of your face and without teeth, your jaw can begin to recede and your cheeks pucker.

If you have misaligned teeth or if they’re crowded and crooked, dental braces can provide you with beautifully straight and even teeth and help restore your jawline. If your teeth make you embarrassed to smile, then cosmetic dentistry can help that.

In addition to orthodontic appliances, we also provide veneers, whitening, and bonding so that you can have the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Having a great smile can boost your self-confidence and there’s no monetary value that can be placed on achieving that benefit. Since there’s no upper or lower age limit on having great teeth, give us a call at (267) 367-5015 if you need orthodontic work. We can help you get a great smile while staying within your budget.

Where Can I Get Braces in Northeast Philadelphia?

Our patients will attest to the quality of our orthodontic treatments. If you’re looking for a good braces dentist in Northeast Philadelphia, you’ve come to the right office. The first step in the procedure is to meet with your orthodontic dentist and relay your objectives. If you want braces and whitening, or veneers or bonding, be sure to tell your dentist. After that, you will receive a detailed treatment plan of what will be done and when. Getting a dental appliance requires a financial commitment and a willingness to stick to the treatment plan in order to be effective. We believe the result will be worth the effort, so don’t delay starting your treatment because of the time involved. If you want straight and even pearly whites, call us today at (267) 367-5015 in Northeast Philadelphia and we’ll get you in for your free consultation.

How Do You Install Braces on a Patient?

The installation process takes approximately two hours and is done in one appointment. The first step is to clean and dry your teeth. Next, bonding adhesive is applied and, while it might not taste great, it won’t hurt you. The brackets are then installed and then the archwires are attached and secured to the brackets. This procedure is the same whether you opt for metal or ceramic braces.

Is There a Variety of Braces?

Patients now have several options when it comes to selecting braces. Metal braces are the least expensive and the most popular but they’re also the most visible. Ceramic is also available and while it has the same installation process, the brackets and wires are clear or white so they’re much less apparent. Invisible braces are another option and they use clear plastic trays to realign the teeth. The trays are removed for eating and drinking and replaced when finished. If you’re searching for quality and affordable braces in Northeast Philadelphia, call our office at (267) 367-5015 and we’ll schedule an appointment for you and answer all of your questions.

Will Braces Cost a Lot of Money?

Our patients are pleasantly surprised after asking, “How much do braces cost?” The reason for this is the affordability of the braces. The metal ones are the most cost effective, but we realize that aesthetics are important so we also offer other options. We offer different flexible financing plans that will allow you to have the orthodontic work that you need while remaining within your budgetary parameters. Call us in Northeast Philadelphia for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

How Long Does It Take to Have Braces Put on My Teeth?

The entire installation procedure takes about two hours. Afterward, you may experience some soreness in your mouth but this is completely normal. Any pain you experience should dissipate with over the counter pain relievers and it shouldn’t last more than a week. If you find that over the counter medications don’t work or if the pain lasts for more than a week, then call us at (267) 367-5015 and we’ll help you.

Will I Always Need Retainers After I’ve Worn Braces?

Wearing a retainer is the last step to completing your treatment regimen. Usually, patients wear a retainer for a year, but that varies by the individual. The retainer is worn only at night while you sleep, it’s not worn during the day.

If you are interested in getting braces, call us at (267) 367-5015 in Northeast Philadelphia and we can schedule an appointment for you. We’re sure you’ll be happy with your new appearance so give us a call. We look forward to working with you.

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