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None of us, even individuals who practice good dental hygiene, have the nice white teeth we had when we were children. There are so many different foods and beverages that stain teeth that even if you never used tobacco, your teeth would become stained yellow. Coffee, tea, red wine and tomato sauce are just a few of the foods and beverages that will stain teeth. Yellow teeth can make you look older than you are; consider an in-office teeth whitening treatment before other invasive procedures to improve your appearance. White teeth not only make you look younger, they draw people’s eyes to your smile and away from fine lines on your face.

Why Should I See a Teeth Bleaching Dentist for Whiter Teeth?

When you visit our office for in-office teeth whitening, dental professionals oversee your treatment for a safe, pain-free experience. Our dentist will check for decay, cracks in a tooth and gum disease beforehand, since these issues can cause you pain from the powerful bleaching agent reaching the interior of your tooth or the tooth’s root. Since a dentist uses a professional-grade bleaching agent, you will see visible results immediately. He or she can customize the bleaching agent to help you reach your desired shade. There is no teeth whitening treatment which can offer you such a dramatic change so quickly.

In-office whitening will not change the color of veneers or crowns. Nor will it work on stains deep within your teeth, including deep decay, darkening from trauma and staining from Tetracycline or too much fluoride. In-office teeth whitening works best on yellow teeth, not gray teeth. Yellow teeth typically have stains from tobacco and foods and beverages, such as tomato sauce and cola. Contact our office for a teeth whitening consultation so our dentist can evaluate your staining and let you know if you are a good candidate for a whitening treatment.

Is Teeth Whitening at Home Effective?

Whitening at home is effective if you use teeth whitening products dispensed by your dentist since these take-home kits contain a professional-grade bleaching agent you cannot buy in a store. Additionally, a teeth whitening kit from your dentist is safe because you have a custom-made plastic tray to use that protects your gums. It may take up to two weeks, wearing the tray for an hour a day, to whiten your teeth. You would have to come in for an examination and to have an impression made of your teeth for the custom whitening tray before our dentist can provide you with your kit. Call us to schedule your appointment.

How Much Will I Pay for Chairside Teeth Whitening?

We base your teeth bleaching cost on the system our dentist uses on your teeth, the amount of staining and whether you will need follow-up treatments. To learn how much professional teeth whitening will cost in your case, contact our office for a consultation. Our dentist can tell you your expected cost after determining your unique needs.

What Is the Difference Between In-Office Teeth Whitening and DIY Products?

Teeth whitening strips, toothpastes, tray-based kits and now light-based kits all promise whiter teeth at a fraction of the price of in-office whitening. If these products produced substantial results, in-office whitening wouldn’t be the most popular cosmetic dental procedure in this country. DIY products can lighten teeth with yellow staining a shade or two after repeated use; however, this change will not make a major difference in how your smile looks. For results that will turn heads, call our office and request a consultation with our teeth bleaching dentist.

What Is the Dental Whitening Procedure?

Our dentist can choose from several whitening systems. The routine steps in most of the 60- to 90-minute teeth whitening systems include:

  1. Our dentist will examine your teeth and then have our hygienist and clean your teeth for the best results. Peroxide has a hard time reaching tooth enamel through plaque and tartar.
  2. Photos are taken to determine your tooth shade and to help you gauge the change in brightness after your treatment.
  3. A cheek retractor will hold your lips back, expose your teeth and protect the insides of your cheeks from the bleaching agent.
  4. Your gums have a protective liquid put on them as a barrier.
  5. Individual applications of bleaching gel are applied and then removed after a set time until your dentist is satisfied with the results. A special light may be used as part of the teeth bleaching system.
  6. After the last application, your dentist will judge the color change and determine if an at-home follow up treatment is needed.
  7. You will learn how to maintain the results, which can last for several years.

You should not smoke or consume and foods or beverages that can stain your teeth for two hours after your session.

If teeth whitening in Deptford interests you, contact our office to schedule your consultation.

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