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Do You Need a Dentist for Teeth Cleaning, Oral Health Treatment, or a Dental Exam in Deptford?

Your search for a local dentist who is committed to providing you with the kind of top-notch dental care that you deserve is over. Our practice offers a full range of dental services that ensure that your smile looks and feels its best. This will help you to always feel confident with your smile, while allowing you to continue to eat and speak without any issues or embarrassing mishaps. Some of our services include gum disease treatment, a comprehensive dental exam, professional dental cleaning, cancer screening, and more. If receiving dental care makes you feel nervous, rest assured that our team will work to do everything possible to ensure your comfort throughout your procedure, exam, or treatment. At your initial dental exam, our dentist will check your mouth, gums, and teeth for the following problems:

  • Loss of bone
  • Tooth decay
  • Oral cancer
  • Signs of tooth grinding
  • Periodontal disease, also known as advanced gum disease

By checking for these issues, your dentist will be able to establish the current status of your oral health and develop a plan that will result in a healthy mouth. We will also help you to develop a routine that will help you to maintain your oral health. If you desire to be one of the many patients who return to us again and again for their dental health care needs, then give us a call. Our trusted practice wants to help you achieve your oral health care goals.

Who Can I See to Have My Teeth and Gums Cleaned and Treated?

Have you heard about plaque and calculus? If not, then continue reading to learn why it is important to receive thorough professional cleanings that will prevent the problems that these two substances can cause. Comprised of bacteria, plaque is a film that covers the teeth after eating and drinking. Frequently brushing and flossing your teeth can keep plaque from building up. Plaque that is allowed to build up will eventually develop into calculus. This is a hard material that breaks down the tooth’s enamel and causes tooth decay. Receiving professional dental cleanings will prevent this from occurring and will also ensure that that plaque and calculus will not build up in places where your toothbrush can’t reach.

The same bacteria that exists in plaque and calculus also causes gingivitis, the early stages of gum disease. If you have swollen, red, or sensitive gums that bleed whenever you brush or floss your teeth, you should call your dentist right away so that your gingivitis can be treated easily. If left alone, gingivitis will advance into periodontal disease. This stage of the disease is an advanced one. It consists to tooth loss and bone damage. If you believe that you have periodontal disease, you must seek out dental attention for immediate periodontal treatment. Failing to do so could lead to you losing most or all of your teeth, as well as other serious long-term consequences. Our dentists are able to treat gum disease in all of its stages.

What Can I Do About My Halitosis?

Do you have chronic bad breath? If so, then you are one of many people who suffer from this problem. Also known as halitosis, bad breath is something that impacts more than a quarter of adults in the United States. While this embarrassing problem can seemingly come out of nowhere, there are typically three underlying causes behind it. These are a failure to maintain dental hygiene, advanced tooth decay, and something you may have eaten. No matter what the reasons behind your bad breath may be, our practice can help you. We will offer you professional cleanings, recommendations for at-home oral hygiene routines and specialized treatments. Together, we can rid you of your bad breath and help you gain your self-confidence back.

Do You Offer Oral Cancer Screenings?

One of the many services we provide to our patients is oral cancer screening. Were you aware that oral cancer usually does not show any symptoms in its early stages? This means that if you have detected a lump, the cancer has probably moved to other areas of the body. This is the main reason why oral cancer is a potentially life-threatening disease. At our practice, every patient over the age of 18 receives an oral cancer test during their routine dental exam. If any problems are detected during this screening, your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan. Remember, early detection of oral cancer is a key element in successfully treating the disease.

To receive an oral cancer test and a dental exam in Deptford, contact our team of professionals. We’re ready to welcome you to our respected practice.

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