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Health Guide To The Human Body For Kids

The human body is filled with fascinating parts. Each of these body parts are a part of a larger system in the body. These body systems are responsible for everything that a body needs to do in order to stay healthy. There is a system for bones, muscles, digesting food, making blood flow, breathing, urinating, the brain, and even a special system for skin. To be healthy, all of these body systems must be taken care of so that they are able to do their very best work.

Skeletal System

When you hear the word “skeletal,” you might think of skeletons. This is a great guess, as the skeletal system focuses on the bones in a person’s body. Aside from the bones, the skeletal system also includes tissues like tendons, cartilage, and ligaments. A person’s teeth are a part of the skeletal system, too. The job of all of these bones and tissues in the skeletal system is to keep all of the other important organs, like the brain and lungs, in place while protecting them.

Muscular System

Muscles do not always refer to big muscles seen on bodybuilders and wrestlers. The body has a lot of muscles inside of it, and most of them can’t be seen through the skin. In fact, there are around 700 different muscles inside of a human body. All of these muscles work together in the muscular system to make it possible for people to walk, run, play, and jump. Without the muscular system, it would be impossible to move a hand or even a foot.

Digestive System

After eating, food must go through a process known as digestion. The digestive system is made up of the mouth and teeth, the esophagus, the stomach, the small and large intestines, and the liver. When the food has been broken down and a person has all of the nutrition that they need from the food, the rest is pushed out of the body in the form of waste through the large intestine, rectum, and anus.

Circulatory System

The circulatory system is made up of organs and blood vessels. These parts are responsible for making blood flow through the body. They also help oxygen, blood, and nutrients make their way to cells in the body that help to fight off diseases and illnesses. Without the circulatory system, people would be very sick and unable to control their own body temperature.

Respiratory System

Every time a person takes a breath in and a breath out, they are experiencing the effects of the respiratory system. The respiratory system is made up of the lungs and all of the smaller parts that help them to function. The lungs fill up as a person takes a deep breath and then deflate as a person breathes out air. When oxygen goes into the lungs, little parts called alveoli fill up with air and help to absorb oxygen to be sent to cells in the body. As a person breathes out, carbon dioxide and other forms of waste leave the body.

Excretory System

The excretory system is another name for the urinary system. The urinary system is responsible for making urine (or pee). Although it may sound gross, making urine is necessary for a healthy body. This is because the excretory system removes a lot of waste that a body does not need through urine. The kidneys and liver are big parts of this system, but this waste can also leave the body through sweating.

Nervous System

The nervous system includes all of the nerves in the body. There are a lot of nerves in every part of the body, and the job of the nervous system is to work together to send and receive signals that make your body do what it needs to do. The nerves help with movements that a person decides to make (such as moving their fingers) as well as those that happen naturally (such as breathing). It is important for these nerves throughout the body, whether in the brain, spine, or other body parts, to work together so that a person can do everything that they need to do in order to stay safe and healthy.

Integumentary System

The integumentary system sounds like a complicated body system, but it actually refers to the skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and although it seems like it simply sits on your bones, it actually does a lot to keep a person healthy. From protecting organs and bones from injuries to helping a person stay cool or stay warm, the skin does a lot of work each and every day. Because of this, it is important to keep the skin healthy by drinking a lot of water and protecting it from the sun.

Body System Games For Kids

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