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At our dental office, we know that getting a tooth pulled can be a stressful event for dental patients. We do our best to work with you and your family to take some of the worry out of the process. If you need a tooth extraction in Center City Philadelphia, our dentists are available to help you complete these procedures in the most painless and practical way possible.

Do You Need a Tooth Pulled?

You might need to have a tooth pulled for a number of reasons:

  • Cracked or broken teeth that cannot be repaired through a root canal
  • Cases of severe tooth decay
  • Baby teeth that are blocking the emergence of adult teeth
  • Teeth that have been loosened or damaged by advanced gum disease
  • Wisdom teeth, especially those that impact other teeth
  • Teeth that cause overcrowding in the jaw

Replacing missing teeth with dentures, dental implants and other appliances is essential to prevent movement by other teeth and weakening of your overall bite.

What’s the Cost for a Tooth Extraction?

Your tooth extraction cost will typically depend on the location of the tooth and whether oral surgery is required for your extraction. Most dental insurance plans will cover some of a tooth extraction if it is deemed medically necessary. Our dental professionals will work with you to make sure your care is as affordable as possible.

When Is Oral Surgery Required?

Our dentists may recommend oral surgery for severely broken teeth, impacted teeth, and procedures that may require an extended amount of time to complete. Your oral surgeon will evaluate the condition of your teeth to provide you with the most practical and effective solutions for your dental needs.

Extracting Cracked, Broken, or Decayed Teeth

In most cases, our dentists will attempt to save teeth that have cracks, chips, or serious decay. If these teeth cannot be restored to proper function, we may recommend tooth removal to relieve pain and prevent further problems with these teeth.

When Should Baby Teeth Be Pulled?

Baby teeth may require extraction if they are blocking the growth and emergence of adult teeth. Our dental team will evaluate these situations and recommend the appropriate solutions. We want every member of your family to experience excellent dental health.

When Would I Need Tooth Extraction for Advanced Stage Gum Disease?

Patients with gum disease may experience loosening of the teeth and severe pain associated with this dental condition. Teeth extractions can often provide immediate relief from pain for our patients.

What Is a Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Wisdom teeth generally erupt during late adolescence or early adulthood. For some of our patients, this can create overcrowding in the jaw that can result in the wisdom teeth growing sideways or putting pressure on other teeth. Removing these wisdom teeth can eliminate pain and potential damage to surrounding teeth. Depending on the position of the wisdom tooth, it may be necessary to schedule oral surgery to remove these molars.

Is It Possible to Remove Overcrowded Teeth?

Too many teeth can cause misalignments or damage from the exertion of pressure over time. Removing these excess teeth can pave the way for orthodontic work and other corrective procedures, which can realign your teeth, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence.

Caring for Your Mouth After Dental Extractions

For most of our patients, taking special care when biting and chewing and keeping the extraction site clean can prevent issues with the healing process. Our dental team will provide you with detailed instructions on caring for your teeth during the period after your extraction.

How Long Will My Extraction Take to Heal?

The tooth extraction healing process can take up to a week for normal extractions and a few weeks for complex oral surgery procedures. Our dental team will provide you with the right guidance to ensure that your recovery process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today to determine if you are a candidate for a tooth extraction in Center City Philadelphia.

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