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When experiencing severe oral pain, you may ask, “How can I find emergency dental care near me?” Being informed about what to do and who to call when a dental emergency strikes is key to a fast recovery. Our skilled emergency dentists in Cedarbrook can address a wide variety of dental conditions.

Where to Find an Emergency Dentist

Is excruciating oral pain causing you to ask the question, “Where can I find an emergency dental office near me?” Fortunately, relief is just a phone call away when you choose our experienced emergency dentists in Cedarbrook. We can often book same-day appointments when you call during regular business hours. Our emergency dentists can pinpoint the cause of the pain, alleviate discomfort, and prevent the situation from happening again.

Emergency Dental Services We Offer

Emergency dental services include any treatments that alleviate pain associated with severe toothaches or structural damage to the teeth. Emergency dentists can also provide relief for other situations, including impacted wisdom teeth and pain from grinding of the teeth. Our comprehensive urgent dental care services include:

  • Treatment for toothaches and other pain and pressure caused by dental decay or injuries
  • Emergency tooth pulling for injured or decayed teeth
  • Emergency repair for structurally damaged teeth
  • Pain management for wisdom tooth discomfort and mild swelling
  • Restoration of lost and loose tooth fillings and crowns
  • Stabilizing braces or orthodontic devices causing pain
  • Medication for dental infections

When Is It Best to Get Emergency Dental Care Near Me?

I’m not sure if my condition is a dental emergency. When should I look for emergency dentists in Cedarbrook?

Many conditions require care from emergency dentists as soon as possible. If you’re experiencing discomfort due to the following conditions and symptoms, give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our emergency dentists.

Broken or Fractured Teeth

If you’ve damaged a tooth, it’s important to seek emergency dental care. Failure to address broken or fractured teeth can lead to additional complications in the future. In the meantime, use dental wax on any jagged edges to prevent injury to your tongue or cheeks.

Knocked-Out Teeth

If you have knocked-out teeth due to sports injuries or other activities, it’s important to receive emergency dental care right away. Locate all fallen fragments and rinse them with warm water, holding teeth by their crowns only. If possible, try to insert the cleaned teeth back into their sockets.

Pressure and Pain from Toothaches

Toothache pain or pressure can occur as a result of many conditions. However, a severe toothache or uncomfortable pressure shouldn’t be ignored, particularly if you also have a fever or earache. Contact our emergency dental office if you’re experiencing pain due to a toothache.

Sensitive Teeth

Many people experience mild tooth sensitivity from time to time. However, sensitivity that suddenly occurs can be the result of a tooth fracture or infection. Urgent dental care is needed for a tooth that is excessively sensitive.

Dental Decay (Cavities)

Without proper cleanings, you may develop dental decay (cavities). When a cavity exposes the tooth root, you may experience a severe toothache. At our office, our emergency dentists provide quick pain relief and cavity treatment.

Tooth Abscesses

A dental abscess is an uncomfortable condition that should receive treatment as soon as possible. This occurs when a tooth root has become infected, and sometimes involves draining sores, fever, and bad breath. Call our emergency dental office immediately if you believe you have an abscessed tooth.

Lost or Loose Filling

Lost or loose fillings can cause the affected area to become sensitive and more vulnerable to decay. Our dentists can provide you with a replacement that protects your tooth.

Broken or Lost Crowns and Restorations

Broken crowns or lost restorations leave the affected teeth more prone to injury or decay. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for a temporary or permanent solution.

Orthodontic Pain and Injury

Many people who wear orthodontics experience discomfort or even injury from their braces. If you experience orthodontic pain or injuries, we can help. Our dentists can treat your pain and adjust your braces for a comfortable fit.

Worn Tooth Enamel from Overnight Grinding

Nighttime teeth grinding is a common ailment. If your tooth enamel worn from grinding your teeth has become painful, contact us for a solution. Our dentists can provide you with a night guard or reinforce your damaged enamel.

Sinus Issues

Sinus pressure can sometimes be connected to tooth pain, so it’s important that you rule out dental causes when experiencing chronic sinus pain. Constantly irritated sinuses can indicate an impacted wisdom tooth or even an oral infection.

Managing Serious Dental Emergencies

My dental condition seems serious. Should I look for an emergency dental office near me, or call 911?

Our emergency dentists provide comprehensive care for a variety of conditions, but some situations require immediate treatment. If you’re experiencing any of the following, call your primary care physician or 911:

  • Major blood loss
  • Extreme swelling of the gums or face
  • Sudden trauma to the head, teeth, jaw, or face area

What Does Emergency Dental Care Cost?

The cost of emergency care will vary from patient to patient. Costs will depend on what treatments you receive and whether any follow-up appointments are necessary. At our practice, we understand that many patients are concerned about their dental care costs. In addition to accepting most major credit cards and insurance plans, we offer DentRite® as a financing solution for patients. A discount dental plan, DentRite allows you to receive significant savings on emergency dental care and routine services. Affordable emergency care is possible even without insurance – call us today to learn more about our flexible payment options.

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