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Is there a gap between your front teeth that you’ve always hated? Do yellow stains on your teeth make you hide your smile? You don’t have to live with dental flaws that sabotage your appearance. Cosmetic dentistry can transform an unsightly or imperfect smile into one that makes you proud.

The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

A traditional dentist detects and treats diseases of your teeth and gum tissues to keep your dental health in top shape. However, even a healthy tooth can be an ugly duckling. A simple chip in your tooth enamel can ruin your overall look. Even a visible metal filling can create a less-than-perfect impression. A cosmetic dentist corrects these aesthetic flaws and gives you a smile that better reflects who you are. Using the most advanced dental technologies and treatment methods, today’s cosmetic dentists can restore your smile to its former state or create a new, beautiful smile that you never thought you could have. If your teeth require major dental work, you can rely on your cosmetic dentist to provide a restoration that is just as durable and functional as it is beautiful.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Make You Smile

Our dentists can perform a number of simple and complex cosmetic dentistry procedures to optimize your appearance. From simple teeth-whitening procedures to advanced implant surgeries and the application of veneers, we have everything required to give you the smile of your dreams. Here is a more comprehensive list of our top cosmetic services:

Will Standard Dental Plans Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unfortunately, most traditional dental insurance plans won’t help pay for cosmetic procedures because they are elective and not essential to maintaining your dental health. Your insurance provider may pay for part of a procedure that also restores tooth function or health in addition to appearance. Additionally, a few companies do offer cosmetic dental insurance plans and discount programs. To learn more about your options, contact your dental insurance provider directly, or call our cosmetic dental office to schedule an appointment with one of our cosmetic dental specialists.

Where Is the Best Cosmetic Dentistry Near Me?

Your access to the best cosmetic dentistry in Cedarbrook is at your fingertips. Our dentists are specially trained and highly experienced in practicing the art of dental cosmetics, and they provide services in your area. Schedule a consultation to discuss your desired results and treatment options today. Our dentists can answer all of your questions regarding treatments and procedures, recovery times, anesthesia options, expected results and more.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Cost

Getting affordable cosmetic dentistry isn’t as complicated as it seems. Our cosmetic dental office is devoted to helping patients find the best solutions for both their smiles and their budgets. It’s important to understand that every patient has different needs. Your overall treatment cost will depend on the type and number of procedures required, your dental and general health, the restoration materials selected, and other important factors. Our dentists can provide an estimate after your examination. Don’t wait to get started on your stunning new smile. Contact us today to make your appointment.

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