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Small gaps, tooth discoloration and small chips in your front teeth can keep you from showing the world your smile. If you find yourself covering your smile with your hand at times, or if you’re reluctant to smile at all, porcelain veneers in Blackwood may be a solution for you. These veneers provide a beautiful, natural-looking gleam, helping to adjust small issues with your otherwise healthy teeth. They can help improve the position, color, size and shape of your teeth so you can enjoy smiling again. Our dentists are happy to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options, including the benefits of choosing porcelain veneers, so contact us today.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Wafer-thin layers of dental porcelain, veneers look like your own tooth enamel. They’re adhered directly to the front surface of your tooth to create a cohesive, confident smile. Many patients find that veneers are an excellent option for improving their smiles’ appearance, masking small imperfections such as:

  • Size and shape: If you’re a teeth-grinder or if you clench your teeth often, you’ve likely worn some of your teeth down so that they don’t match the rest of your teeth. This can give your smile an uneven appearance and make you feel self-conscious when you’re speaking or smiling. Whether your teeth are too big or too small, too short or too long, veneers can help create a natural-looking, even smile that boosts your confidence. Even chipped teeth can be transformed to beautifully shaped teeth with veneers, encouraging you to go out into the world armed with a beautiful smile.
  • Tooth color: If you’ve tried several traditional teeth whitening products, but you haven’t achieved the brightness you had hoped for, veneers may be your solution. Some tooth stains, especially those caused by medications, are resistant to whitening kits, but veneers can help you create the bright smile you want. Porcelain comes in many different shades so you can return to your natural shade or go a bit brighter for a gleaming white smile.
  • Alignment and spacing: Many patients choose veneers instead of braces to correct their small tooth gaps and slightly crooked teeth because the results with veneers are instant and tailored to your exact needs. The versatility of veneers also helps to correct countless imperfections so while you’re making your teeth appear more evenly spaced, you can also conceal all of those pits, chips and rough edges plaguing your teeth.

What’s the Typical Porcelain Veneers Cost?

The porcelain veneers cost varies due to the number of teeth needing veneers and the kind of veneer you and your dentist choose. If you need treatment to make your gums and teeth healthy enough to support veneers, those treatments will also affect your price. We’re always happy to discuss costs and potential financing options, so give us a call.

What’s the Difference Between a Veneer and a Crown?

If you’re searching for a solution to enhance your whole smile, veneers and crowns offer many benefits. Veneers are just as permanent as crowns, and both are excellent choices for changing the shape and color of a tooth. Veneers and crowns can be made of dental porcelain or composite resin, so neither offers particular advantages in regards to material benefits.

Porcelain dental veneers are great options for patients who are looking only for a quick, permanent cosmetic improvement to their teeth. They don’t require much change to your tooth’s structure since less than 1 mm of your tooth’s enamel needs to be removed to allow for the veneers porcelain.

Crowns require a little more structural change to the tooth, requiring more than 2 mm of the tooth’s enamel to be removed. Still, a crown provides structural support to the tooth, and they’re often recommended for teeth that have been damaged by deep cavities, disease, trauma and teeth-grinding. Porcelain crowns fit over the tooth’s entire inner core and act as structural supports for the tooth, while a veneer only covers one side of the tooth. This makes crowns a preferred choice for restoring back teeth that need to withstand the back part of the jaw’s biting force.

What’s Involved in a Porcelain Veneers Procedure?

Once you choose veneers, our dentist makes a mold of your tooth that is used to create your custom-made veneer. The veneer application procedure is painless, but our dentist may need to take off a small amount of your tooth’s enamel. The thickness of enamel removed corresponds to the thickness of your veneer. Depending on the brand and type of your veneer, less than 1 mm of your enamel is removed. Once the surface of your tooth is prepared, our dentist bonds the veneer to your tooth. With this secure bond in place, your veneer won’t move around once it’s in place. When the procedure is complete, your veneer won’t stain and it will feel just like your own tooth.

Will My Veneers Last a Long Time?

If you avoid injury to your teeth, your veneers can enhance your smile for many years to come. Caring for your teeth and veneers is important, so brush and floss daily and maintain a regular schedule for dental visits. Be sure to avoid using your porcelain teeth to open bags or bottles.

Find out how easily porcelain veneers in Blackwood can transform your smile by contacting our office today.

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