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Cavities can cause extensive damage to your tooth or teeth. If you are suffering from a tooth that has been damaged due to decay or injury, you should discuss restorative treatment options with one of our experienced dentists. Our dentists are able to restore your tooth or teeth via the use of dental fillings, dental crowns and dental bridges. To receive more information on how we can help your smile get back into shape, continue reading this short guide to restorative dental treatments.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Filling?

If you have a tooth that has a cavity, your dentist has most likely recommended that you receive a dental filling. A filling is a substance used to reshape and repair a tooth that has become decayed. Before your dentist puts your filling into your tooth, he or she will remove the decay from your tooth. Your tooth will then be cleaned and filled. Most fillings are made from gold, porcelain or other materials. Fillings work to protect the tooth from becoming further damaged or decayed.

Why Do I Need a Dental Crown or Bridge?

If your tooth is badly damaged, your dentist may recommend that you get a tooth crown. Also known as “dental caps,” crowns fit snugly over the entire tooth. If you are missing one or more teeth, your dentist may suggest that you receive a tooth bridge. Bridges are usually comprised of a row of synthetic teeth that are attached to the natural teeth that exist on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth or teeth. Dental implants are often utilized to provide support for bridges. Both crowns and bridges are considered to be permanent prosthetic treatments. They are both attached to the teeth via the use of high-bond cement.

What Type of Dentist Provides Tooth Fillings, Crowns and Bridges?

Any licensed dentist can give you a filling, crown or bridge. Once your dental examination has been completed, your dentist will let you know what kind of restorative treatment options will work best to resolve your dental issues. If you have any questions about treatment plans, dental insurance or payment, our dentist will be happy to answer them.

What Does a Filling, Bridge or Crown Cost?

Since dental treatment plans are customized to meet each patient’s unique needs, the cost will vary from patient to patient. You can expect your bill to be totaled according to factors like your dental insurance coverage, the type of treatment chosen, the materials used for your device and the complexity of your dental case. Our practice can provide you with a detailed estimate of your tooth filling cost, dental bridge cost or dental crown cost.

What Are the Different Kinds of Tooth Fillings?

There are a number of different materials that can be used for your tooth filling, many of which are made to blend in seamlessly with your teeth. Popular substances used in filling teeth include porcelain, silver amalgam, tooth-colored composite and gold. Your dentist will assist you in choosing the right type of filling for your needs.

Are There Different Kinds of Crowns?

Just as with tooth fillings, crowns for teeth are also available in different materials. Some of the most commonly used materials for teeth are porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, gold alloys and ceramic. Front teeth are frequently restored using ceramic crowns; while crowns made from gold alloys are typically used when back teeth need to be restored.

What Are the Different Types of Bridges?

Our practice is happy to offer our patients a selection of different types of bridges. A traditional tooth bridge usually requires that a crown be fabricated for the implant or tooth that is located on both sides of the affected area. The pontic teeth are then placed in between. A cantilever bridge is utilized when a patient only has teeth on one side of the affected area. Cantilever bridges can’t be used for the teeth in the back of the mouth.

What Do I Need to Know About Getting a Crown?

Getting a tooth crown is a procedure that typically takes place over two appointments. Your first appointment will be dedicated to the dentist shaping and preparing your tooth so that the crown will fit properly over it. An impression of the tooth will also be taken to ensure that the crown is custom-fitted. Your dentist will then install a temporary crown that is to be worn until your second visit. The second appointment will consist of your dentist cementing the permanent crown into place. You can expect each step of this process to take approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete.

What Happens During the Procedure for a Bridge?

The entire process of having your bridge installed takes place over two appointments. During your first appointment, the dentist will remove a small layer of enamel from your abutment teeth. An impression of the teeth will also be taken before you are given a temporary bridge. During your second appointment, the dentist will place and adjust your permanent bridge.

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