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Our mission is to keep our patients’ smiles healthy, and sometimes that means that severely damaged, diseased, or crowded teeth need to be removed. Getting a tooth pulled is usually a very quick process. Our dentists use a variety of methods to keep patients pain-free throughout the procedure, ensuring that even patients with dental phobias are comfortable.

Why Did My Dentist Recommend Extraction?

Our dentist may recommend extraction when the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be restored. While we always aim to save your natural teeth, either simple or surgical tooth extraction may be necessary when gum disease is severe, tooth decay is extensive or your tooth has suffered extreme trauma. Fortunately, having the tooth pulled stops the pain associated with these conditions and helps restore your oral health.

How Much Will Tooth Removal Cost?

We are committed to providing you with affordable, high-quality care, including important procedures such as teeth extractions. An evaluation of the complexity of your case will help us determine your actual tooth extraction cost. Dental insurance usually covers a percentage of extraction costs, so be sure to let us know if you have insurance.

What Do I Need to Know About Oral Surgery Extraction?

For a simple extraction, our dentist will use forceps to grasp the tooth and pull it out of the socket. In cases where there isn’t enough tooth to grasp or if the tooth hasn’t erupted through the gums, surgical extraction is necessary. If your tooth hasn’t erupted fully, our dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon for the procedure.

Can the Dentist Pull My Cracked, Broken, or Severely Decayed Teeth?

Often, our dentist can pull a tooth that has cracked, broken, or been damaged by severe decay. Extraction provides immediate relief from the pain that goes along with a damaged tooth. After the procedure, our dentist will talk with you about replacing the tooth with a bridge, implant or other appliance. Replacing the tooth is important because it helps you retain tooth alignment, keep your jawbone strong and eat and speak naturally.

Will I Need to Have a Tooth Extracted If I Have Gum Disease?

When periodontal disease is untreated, it can progress to advanced stage gum disease. This disease eats away at the ligaments and bones that hold your teeth in place. The result is weak, loose teeth that need to be removed. If you experience pain from advanced periodontal disease, having your tooth pulled may be the best option for pain relief.

Can My Dentist Perform Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth removal procedures are very common, and your dentist will extract the teeth if he or she can. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, our dentist will probably refer you to an oral surgeon who can surgically extract the teeth.

Why are wisdom teeth so often a problem for adult patients? It’s because this third set of molars present significant space problems. Most people don’t have jaws that are large enough to accommodate more molars. Without the necessary space, these teeth can’t erupt, leading to infection and other issues below the gum line. Even when wisdom teeth do come in, they often come in crookedly and they push other teeth out of alignment.

Why Are Crowded Teeth a Problem?

Sometimes, teeth are so large or so crowded in our mouths that new teeth can only grow in at an angle. This overcrowding can be corrected with the removal of one or more teeth.

What Are Dental Extraction Aftercare Instructions?

In the 24 hours following your procedure, a blood clot needs to form in the socket that once contained your tooth. To help this blood clot form, our dentist will provide you with instructions for care and a list of things that you must avoid. It is very important to follow these instructions carefully. You may also have some slight swelling or discomfort, so we’ll also provide you with some suggestions for how to relieve this discomfort.

Will I Heal Quickly After a Tooth Extraction?

Within a week of your simple tooth extraction, you can usually expect to have healed from your procedure. The first 24 hours after your procedure are the most restrictive, during which time you should rest or engage in only light activity approved by your dentist. After the first 24 hours following your extraction, you should limit yourself to moderate activity. Your dentist will let you know when it’s okay to resume strenuous activity. It may take longer than a week to heal from a molar extraction, and surgical tooth extraction healing may be even more protracted. Follow your dentist’s or oral surgeon’s guidelines for activity during your recovery.

We’re proud to be a trusted dental practice for tooth extraction in Blackwood. Call us today to schedule your evaluation so you can get started back on the track of good oral health.

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