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What Is Dental Surgery?

Formally called oral and maxillofacial surgery, this is a specialty field in dentistry that focuses on diagnosing and treating diseases, defects, and injuries. While oral procedures deal with soft and hard tissues in the mouth, maxillofacial procedures deal with the face and jaw. Also, orthognathic surgery refers to procedures that correct jaw misalignment or other jaw abnormalities.

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Which Services Are Performed During Oral Surgery?

Tooth Removal

A tooth extraction is a very common surgical procedure that’s necessary when a tooth becomes severely damaged and can’t be restored. This may happen because of an injury, decay, or infection. Pulling teeth may also be necessary when one or more teeth affect the alignment of the rest.

Another cause for tooth extraction is when baby teeth prevent permanent teeth from growing properly. Some people need to make room for orthodontic treatment as well. Because there are many reasons for dentists to remove teeth, the tooth extraction cost varies greatly depending on the specific procedure.

Oral Cancer Detection

Many dental professionals offer oral cancer screening on a regular basis. Chewing or smoking tobacco can cause oral and maxillofacial damage, but so can other habits. Oral cancer symptoms include jaw swelling, ear pain, trouble chewing or swallowing, oral tissue lumps or thickening, and difficulty moving the tongue or jaw. An early oral cancer diagnosis increases the chances for recovery and gives you more treatment options alongside oral surgery. Call us to learn more about our screening process.

Oral Disease Treatment

Your mouth has many functions aside from allowing you to chew food and talk. It’s a major part of your facial structure too. However, it can develop numerous medical and dental conditions. Our oral surgeon is board-certified to treat complicated issues such as hairy tongue, patchwork tongue, and palatal cysts. We use antibiotics, oral maxillofacial surgery, and other methods to restore your health.


Informally called sleep dentistry, we use sedation during oral and jaw surgery for your comfort. Our oral surgeon is skilled with using IV sedation, but other methods are available. We ensure that you don’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. Talk to our staff today for more information about our sedation dentistry services.

Sinus Lift

If you need dental implants but your upper jaw doesn’t have sufficient bone height to support them, your dentist might recommend a sinus lift. It’s common for this to happen when upper teeth are missing, especially molars. The sinus lift is considered a periodontic or maxillofacial surgery. It involves adding bone between your jaw and maxillary sinuses on each side of your nose. Ask us more about the procedure during your consultation.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is a relatively new method of tissue regeneration in the health industry. It involves using your own blood to stimulate the healing process in your ligaments, muscles and other bodily tissues. In dentistry, it can promote healing in the mouth and jaw following oral surgery. PRP can also be used by oral surgeons during a tooth extraction or jaw surgery to reduce bleeding.

Where Can I Schedule a Consultation for Dental Surgery Near Me?

Your dentist might recommend a variety of treatments before resorting to invasive surgical procedures. If the time comes, contact us for oral surgery in Philadelphia. You can depend on our staff to keep you comfortable throughout the entire process, including your recovery. Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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