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Are You in Need of Teeth Cleaning, Oral Health Treatment, or a Dental Exam in Philadelphia?

If you have been searching far and wide for a dentist who can meet all of your dental health care needs, then you have come to the right place. We are a trusted local provider of high-quality dental care. Our dentists want to make sure that you look your best while also being able to eat, drink and speak with confidence. Our full offering of dental services and treatments are designed to help you achieve top-notch oral health. It doesn’t matter if you need your teeth cleaned, a dental exam, an oral health evaluation or gum disease treatment. Our team of respected dentists is here to help. From the moment you first arrive, our staff will work to ensure that you are comfortable and that you receive the kind of high-quality dental treatments that you deserve. Has it been a while since your last visit to a dentist? There’s no need to fear! At your first visit, our dentist will perform a comprehensive dental exam. This exam will look for signs of the following problems:

  • Tooth decay
  • Grinding of the teeth
  • Oral cancer
  • Loss of bone
  • Advanced gum disease, also known as periodontal disease

If any signs of these concerns are present, your dentist will come up with a treatment plan that will address the problem. We are committed to providing you with top-notch services that leave you both satisfied and smiling. Our dentists care about each and every one of their patients. In fact, many of our dentists have long-standing relationships with their patients. If you would like to be a part of our highly trusted dental practice, we would love to have you. Contact us today to take your first steps to achieving your dental health care goals.

Who Can Properly Clean My Teeth and Treat My Gums?

Going to the dentist to have your teeth professionally cleaned is an essential element in maintaining your dental health for years to come. A professional cleaning ensures that plaque and calculus don’t accumulate on the teeth. Plaque is a film that is made up of bacteria. It sticks to the teeth after eating and drinking. Most plaque can be brushed and flossed away every day. However, brushing and flossing won’t be able to reach the plaque that builds up in hard-to-reach places. If plaque is left in these places, you may find that it builds up into a hard substance known as calculus.
This calculus will continue to build up until it attacks the enamel of the tooth, causing dental decay.

An excessive buildup of plaque and calculus can lead to the first stage of gum disease. This initial stage of gum disease is medically known as gingivitis. Gums that bleed while you are brushing and flushing are one of the primary symptoms of gingivitis. Other symptoms include having gums that are swollen, red, or sensitive. Our dentists are able to provide treatment for gingivitis, which is easy to treat in its earliest stages. If you don’t pursue treatment for your gingivitis, it can lead to advanced gum disease. Medically known as periodontal disease, advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss and bone loss. If your gum disease advances into periodontal disease, it is imperative that you receive periodontal treatment immediately. Our dentists are experienced in providing treatment for gum disease in all of its stages.

Can a Dentist Help Me with My Bad Breath?

If you are frequently embarrassed by bad breath, you may have what is known medically as halitosis. Halitosis is caused by a lack of proper oral hygiene, tooth decay, or by certain foods that you eat. This problem impacts over 25% of Americans. However, with proper treatment you will no longer need to live with this problem. Our professional cleanings, specialized treatment plans, and at-home oral hygiene routines will help you get rid of your bad breath for good.

How Can an Oral Cancer Screening Help Me?

Oral cancer screenings help to detect oral cancer early so that treatments are more effective. With oral cancer rates on the rise due to the HPV virus and the use of tobacco, it is important that you receive regular cancer screenings at your dental exam. Oral cancer doesn’t have any symptoms in its earliest stages; therefore once something like a lump has been detected it has probably already spread to other areas of the body. We encourage everyone over the age of 18 to receive routine oral cancer screenings.

No matter what your needs are, you can receive a dental exam in Philadelphia and be sure that your oral health care needs will be met. Don’t waste any more time looking for a dentist. Get in touch with our friendly staff today and we will help you book your first appointment with our practice.

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