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Considering Professional Whitening?

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures performed by Dental Solutions is professional teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is often a great introduction to cosmetic services, and an easy and immediate way to improve the appearance of your smile. If you are unhappy with the overall appearance of your smile and are looking to make an immediate yet affordable improvement, consider Dental Solutions professional teeth whitening services today. We often see patients who have spent hundreds of dollars on over the counter whitening kits, products and toothpastes – only to be disappointed with the results. Don’t spend your hard-earned dollars for mediocre results, or waste weeks of time on products that are not as powerful as you would like. Dental Solutions offers both in office, immediate whitening services as well as take- home kits. Each of these products is professional grade – meaning the results are quick, long lasting, and you will not find an equally powerful product in your local drug store. Our in-office services are perfect for patients who would like to see immediate results. This is a great option for patients with a big event coming up or little time to use trays and gels at home. Let us take years of stains off of your smile in as little as one hour. If you would prefer to whiten your teeth gradually at home, consider one of our take home tray and gel kits. These kits look like what you’ll find in the drug store but again, are much, much more powerful. You’ll see a more natural improvement to your smile over time and never have to leave home for treatment. No matter which option is best for you, Dental Solutions has a whitening product perfect for taking years off of your smile. Contact us today for more information!

Office Status Update

WE ARE OPEN – We are here for our patients and the community during this difficult time. We are committed to providing dental care for those who need it in a safe and clean environment – although we may need to modify our operating hours or services. Please call us to confirm or schedule your dental appointment.

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